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Bop & Roll 4th Edition Kustom Kulture 2017 commenced Last February 04 at Nepo Center, Angeles, Pampanga. Hosted by 76 Kustoms, this yearly gathering aims to bring new people together to hang out while listening to good ‘ol classic music. While all were bonding over beer and coffee, the event was keen on keeping things light without any intention to compete. It was the authentic vintage lifestyle feel that seemlessly took away the current mindset of most people.From the buzzing fast paced life of the city to the simple way of life, BOP & ROLL gave an unforgettable experience. Like the “no frills” lifestyle of STKD, we went back to our roots and just enjoyed making it our own. Together with one’s passion to share with others, the event gave us the opportunity to do so as we also partook of others’ experience. With the sound of camaraderie that surrounded the event, the revving of the vintage automotives was a resemblance to the massive noise of freedom on the streets.